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Knee Update

December 7, 2009

I know that I JUST said that I wouldn’t be posting again and I clearly have no time for procrastination, but I just had a doctor’s appointment and I wanted to quickly share with you how it went!

So first off, I have bad luck with my University’s Health Services. Last time I went there for help with my shin splints, he said he thought it would help if he slit the muscle in the front of my shin to relieve the pressure, hahaha. SERIOUSLY? I walked out right then and there.

Somehow, though, I went back and this time I got the a great doctor! He seemed really knowledgeable about sports medicine and was clear and helpful!

I told him my running history and he made my knee go in all types of positions and felt it in places to see where it hurt. Then he diagnosed me with “Patellogemoral Pain Syndrome” (Runner’s Knee) and Pes Anserine (Knee) Bursitis. This is half of what I thought I had, and a little bit more haha. Basically he really didn’t seem too concerned, which makes me feel a tad better, he thought it was just an overuse injury, stupid Caroline. He said I can still run because it’s not the type of injury I can do long term damage with, but to start slow and stop if the pain gets worse.

He gave me some exercises to do before I run, which I will discuss at a later time and he said to take 2 ibuprofen three times a day, for seven days, with food to reduce inflammation.

I don’t know why, but I’m always a little scared to take that many drugs. I know it’s fine but sometimes I’m skeptical. What do you guys think about anti-inflammatory drugs? Do they work for you? Or, are you skeptical?

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  1. December 7, 2009 12:49 PM

    Good luck with your school stuff. It is good you had a better doctor this time. I have dealt with runners knee and other knee/hip weaknesses and I have always been wary of taking lots of ibuprofen but it does help. my doctor told me 2x per day (breakfast and dinner) about 200mg is ok and will help. Just do what works for you.

  2. December 7, 2009 3:11 PM

    Take it easy with the knee – if you can take time off or reduce mileage it maybe a good idea for you. It really is your personal decision. Last time I had runners knee was two summers ago and I took off 4 days and then went back to running. I felt some pain but made sure to not push it too hard. I also know that I personally had a weak hip and hip flexor which may have been a part of my knee problems. i did experience a hip flexor strain later that year and also had to stop running a few months after recovering from that injury because i went back to running too many miles too quickly. Let me know how it goes!

  3. December 7, 2009 5:36 PM

    Oh my gosh. I cannot believe they said to slit your shin!

    I am skeptical of taking drugs and becoming addicted to them and having them lose their effect, so I don’t talk them (well, for body pain – I do take medicine for headaches from time to time, but I don’t think it works AT ALL!).

  4. December 7, 2009 9:39 PM

    Oh goodness…can you imagine if you didn’t know better and decided to go ahead and have someone do such an intensive treatment for your shins? That sounds absolutely horrid!

    I don’t mind having to take ibuprofen for things like mild/moderate pain or inflammation as long as I don’t have to stay on it for too long. Hopefully the rest and medicine will help with your shin splints! I had a mild case of shin splints earlier this year, and I know how much of a *literal* pain they can be!

  5. December 8, 2009 7:36 AM

    The only time I would take ibuprofen for running pain/soreness, was during my half marathon training… after the long runs. I don’t like the idea of taking it multiple times a day for days on end. But, that’s just me. I would rather take 7 days off of running completely (doing some cross training instead) and the slowly get back into running. After each and every run, if you are sore, ice the knees 2×20 minutes right away which will reduce inflamation. Take ibuprofen then, if you feel it’s necessary. This has worked really well for me, coming off of injury. Just my two cents. :)

  6. December 8, 2009 10:16 AM

    I took Advil for a week and it was really helpful for my knee.
    Now the doctor has me taking even stronger ones for 2 weeks. I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal as long as you don’t do it for like months, personally. But that’s just me. I love Advil haha

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